Sunday, October 03, 2010

bp before bp was

i'm not talking oil. the theme for this week's top 100 picks is robert redford (a.k.a. brad pitt, when the boy himself was still playing four-square on the playground). here's what i have to say about it:

all the president's men: if you're a succor for cynical mid-century political thrillers a la the manchurian candidate (1962) and the parallax view (1974), this is your flick. also tempting as a double feature with frost:nixon. this movie artfully captures the quiet intensity and indignation surrounding watergate.

butch cassidy & the sundance kid: simply stated, i love scoundrels. from robin hooding to hoodlums robbing, i find myself rooting for criminals to the dire end. and a little ole fashioned hollywood storytelling never hurts. sound like you? grab some popcorn. let butch and sundance take you for a ride.

the sting: from a competitive standpoint, this was a complete waste of time considering i watched it 3 years ago. but butch cassidy got me craving more paul newman-bob redford magic. if you haven't seen them work the streets of chicago - of if you haven't seen them in awhile - the sting is well worth a watch.

double indemnity: confession - neither robert redford nor brad pitt are in this movie. the film noir masterpiece, which took some teeth-pulling to make, raked in 7 academy award nominations in 1944. shocking, witty, and suspenseful, it's just what the doctor orders for a rainy autumnal eve.

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johnny said...

this is embarrassing: the sting didn't make the cut when afi revised their top 100 list in 2007. pretty shocking, if you ask me...