Sunday, October 10, 2010

cheer squad

i was 6 miles into a run this morning when two kids - dressed in sunday best - fell in step beside me. the older of the two spoke up:

k: excuse me, are you jogging?
c: yes, i am.
k: is it fun?
c: fun enough.
k: oh.
c: are you gonna jog with me?
k: oh no!
c: ahhh...c'mon!
k: (bolting in the opposite direction) nooooooooooooooooo!!!!

this isn't the first time i've scared small children. nor the first time i've encountered an impromptu cheer squad. running in this city is a highly interactive sport. some of my favorites include:

(critical approach)
"you need to lay off the cigarettes!"
"better run, girl, or i'll run you down!"

(positive reinforcement)
"didn't i just see you across town? you go!"
"how far you running today? new york? that's something!"

one week til the marathon :-)

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