Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the top 100 update

i'm up to 45 on the top 100 movie challenge. the theme of this week has been war movies. here's my take on the latest views:
on the waterfront: holy marlon brando. i don't care if he was difficult to work with or a jerk off-screen. he was one talented hottie. besides, it's nice to know that anti-snitch culture has been an urban battle since at least 1954.
the african queen: all those katherine hepburn jokes i made in college actually played out in this flick. it was pretty sweet that some of this movie was shot on location in africa, though.
schindler's list: never again is right. though well-crafted, this movie reminded me why i swore off holocaust films (and war movies in general) years ago. watch at your own risk.
the general: okay. forget what i said about war flicks. silent movies are an exception. buster keaton, the unlikely hero, proves that there is comedy in every situation.

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Maxine Parrish said...

Haven't seen any of those except The African Queen, which I kind of hated. Mostly, I just couldn't get into the movie enough because the ridiculous score kept jarring me from the moment. Am I alone in this?