Friday, September 17, 2010

the grocer and me

the following conversation ensued between a local grocer and me when i returned the platter and bowls from a catered fruit tray i'd purchased for a women's activity at church:

g: how'd it work out?
m: great! as i predicted, the almond dip was a major success.
g: they liked it, huh?
m: (picking out a few new purchases). yup. me and some of my girlfriends were doing this home spa thing and -
g: spa thing?
m: yeah. and we wanted something sweet and light to go with it.
g: oh.
m: so it was perfect.
grocer follows me to the register where he instructs the cashier how to ring up my new purchases.
g: home like massages and those facial rubs?
m: uh-huh. and some epsom salt water to soak our feet.
g: girls are weird.
m: uh-huh, it was great.
cashier gives me change and passes my purchases across the counter.
m: (to the cashier) thanks.
g: see ya later.
m: next time.

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