Friday, April 10, 2009

root root root for the home team

it's opening day and baseball is on the brain. to describe me as a major league fan would be completely untrue. i love the sport, but i've only been to a handful of games in my life and i had to google-check that the phillies won last year's world series.

in fact, i've never been inside comerica park. the closest i've come was in 2001 when an impromptu post-prom photo shoot found me and a handful of friends on top of, snuggled up against, and hanging from its menacing stone tigers. yes, we were in formal gowns and tuxes. even tyra would've been impressed.

now, living down the street from the ballpark, i'm determined to be a better fan this season. in january i met a few of chicago dan's friends, all of whom are devout sox fans. well, almost all. one informed me that he was a cubs convert. the details of the story are priceless and, rather than butcher them, i'll leave the retelling to dan. just know that becoming a cubs fan is committing the mortal sin if you live on chicago's south side and his was a calculated crime motivated by years of hurt and betrayal. that i might care that deeply about anything...

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