Wednesday, April 15, 2009

culinary catastrophes (and other digestible news)

name that (un)palatable disaster
for 500 points, properly identify cc's attempt at a midday snack:black beans and rice?or spicy green beans with "roasted" almonds?

i fed him popcorn once
after an earful of chit chat about sex offenders and the death penalty, i was relieved when office conversation turned to '80s action figures:
"remember transformers?"
"yeah, but i never could keep them straight."
"how could you confuse the autobots and decepticons? optimus prime wrapped each episode with an inspirational message!"
"but they transformed so quickly..."
"anyone have a my buddy?"
spontaneous group rendition of my buddy theme song.
"what about teddy ruxpin?"
"yeah, i had a teddy. with the cassette and he'd tell you stories."
"i always wanted one..."
"but i fed him popcorn once and he didn't talk no more."
in loving memory:

if only i'd ordered the mushroom omelette, this review would have an entirely different flavor. but i fought instinct and brotherly recommendation as i requested the breakfast burrito at toast last week. ann arbor amy and i happened to be in birmingham last tuesday so we decided to try out the rapidly-expanding chain, one of sam's favorite casual eats. the atmosphere was inviting with friendly staff, quick service, and eye-catching decor. the mushroom omelette, which amy ordered, was off-the-charts. delicious and surprising flavors, generous portions, great presentation. from what i gather, all the omelettes are that way. unfortunately, the breakfast burrito just left me longing for jose bernstein's, and the $8 i spent on my meal.

recipe for a great night out
1 wednesday night in motown
1 classical composer/jazz pianist
1 detroit dj
1 small jazz club
40-50 uninhibited dancers
100-150 innocent bystanders


mix together

add uninhibited dancers and innocent bystanders.
serves midweek crowd 'til 2am.


Tiffany said...

my guess is a burrito. i know how good you are at making those.

johnny said...

i wish. this totally dwarfed the burrito fiasco.

D said...

My guess is rice with ants in it.

johnny said...

that's about how it tasted.