Friday, April 03, 2009

the friday philanthropist

a few years ago girls rural might not have caught my attention. admittedly, i'm a city gal who tends to focus on urban issues. but that was before i met stacyee george from a small town near hollandale, ms. at risk of sounding naive, i was shocked to discover that many of the difficulties my friend encountered in her community, from violent crimes to unplanned pregnancies, mirrored negative images of urban america. the difference was i'd never heard anyone lament about low graduation rates and hiv/aids infection in rural mississippi.

girls rural turns "remote dreams into realistic possibilities" by providing social and cultural opportunities young girls might not find in their hometown. the website suggests several ways to participate such as a monetary donation, organizing a community meeting, and becoming a mentor. more than anything, girls rural reminds me that everywhere, densely populated or not, there are opportunities to grow together through service.

**in unrelated and equally awesome news: family friend, mitch cope, was recently featured in model d for his work in hamtramck, an up-and-coming artistic community.

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