Friday, February 27, 2009

the friday philanthropist

sorry folks. delivering sandwiches, entertaining younguns, and analyzing ngos in mexico distracted me from my friday responsibility. anywho...this one's for you, teej:

the national ms (multiple sclerosis) society claims: "ms stops people from moving. we exist to make sure it doesn't." as an organization, the ms society educates, advocates, counsels, entertains, and raises funds for research and programming.

march 2-8, 2009, is ms awareness week. that means it's a great time to check out the national website to answer your questions or contact your local chapter about volunteer events.

there are a variety of sporadic and regular opportunities from assisting with a special event to doing household chores for someone living with ms. a few years ago tj encouraged me to volunteer for a fourth of july event at the hollywood bowl. after assisting clients and their families in getting tickets, finding seats, and collecting event swag, i donned a festive headband with springing stars and enjoyed the outdoor concert for free.

so check it out. either in person through your local chapter or at work when your boss is looking over your shoulder to make sure you're not watching youtube videos. won't she be impressed?

**in honor of tj's mom, judi, who fought a good fight and raised an outstanding daughter. may she rest in peace: 08.19.08.**

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