Saturday, February 21, 2009

the shoe effect

last month jeff blogged about the shoe effect, or becoming too comfortable in what you intended to be a tide-you-over job. this morning i woke up at 6:30am for training as a jimmy john's delivery driver. as the manager reviewed marketing principles and company policies, an uncomfortably familiar feeling emerged from my gut: enthusiasm. giddiness. pure, unadulterated company pride. oh no, i thought. not again!

forget that jimmy john's actually is a cool company and that i am beyond grateful to have a well-paying job in a city that is 20% unemployed. the point is this: historically speaking, anything involving people and moderate amounts of managerial praise makes me unreasonably gleeful. not high salaries. not promotions. or achieving long-term goals. just people, a positive work environment, and a solid marketing campaign. which is terrifying considering i HAVE long-term goals that DO NOT involve bringing you lunch in 20 minutes or less.

this inexplicable addiction to all things interpersonal causes hiccups in other aspects of my life. i have to actively remind myself that political campaign events are not tailgate parties and that i should not go out with someone simply because he expresses admiration for me.

make no mistake. i'm a big kid who generally makes wise decisions. it's just...i have...i think...i need a 12-step program.


Maxine said...

"Hi, my name is Sparkle, and I am a peopleholic."

"Welcome, Sparkle. We hope you feel comfortable enough in this safe zone to embrace your fears and addictions and come clean. You ARE worth it, and we hope you won't need us for long."

"Oh, but, you're all so COOL! Can't I stay just a little longer? Please? I'm so good at helping others - I'll help them come clean too!"





Love to you!

Dan said...

This is you...I can picture this