Friday, November 14, 2008

l.a. story

i arrived safe 'n' sound in la last night. after meeting mar's boyfriend, grove, and saying goodbyes to amerifriends (both the term and the people), i hopped into sniar's car. to my surprisement and glee, sniar, dax, compTron, and renee took me ice skating in santa monica. so sneaky...the fun continued at renee's place with sara, emily, stacey, jenni, and kim. thanks to all for the warm wishes via email, phone, text, and in person.

i am officially a weirdo. arguably, not a permanent condition. despite dan and preethi's noble attempts to prepare me, and recent visits to philly and nyc, i feel a bit overwhelmed. i am hoping that - given a few more days of pretending not to feel really out-of-place - i can persuade myself and others that i actually belong in the real world.

in the meantime, i am soaking up the sunshine, venturing out for the occasional errand, and retreating to sniar and bonnie's for the comforts of a fictitious life.

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Michy said...

Congratulations on your graduation and moving back to LA!! I bet you are loving the sunshine and all you left behind. We are excited to see you next week!!