Friday, November 21, 2008

something old, something new

how do you close up shop on a place you've made home ever since leaving your parent's house? the place where you:

- first voted
- discovered you love bike riding
- owned your first car
- decided to practice the religion in which you were raised
- became friends with your oldest brother
- had your first major falling out with a friend
- rented your first apartment
- learned flirtation and a relationship are not the same thing
- got into more debt than you'd like to admit
- fell in love with the ocean

in short, where you became you as you know it. well, in my case, you blog about it. and savor your time with favorite people and places:
- sweating to the oldies with richard simmons
- bike rides on the beach
- lunch time ice skating with dax and teej
- dinner at the library alehouse with katie
- a night of soft rock with compTron, sniar, and bonnie
- dressing up in ridiculous dance outfits
- a visit to samuel french and amoeba music
- birthdays with the ki girls
- discovering things i never knew existed in la (e.g. public library at venice x inglewood)
- observing positive change (e.g. recycling bins on la beaches)
- meeting mar for a barnes & noble breakdown

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