Sunday, November 09, 2008

here comes the rain again

i knew it was coming sooner or later:

i stepped out of my house this morning, inhaled the fresh autumn air, soaked in the sun and the bay and the fall leaves. and started to cry. i walked toward perryville park for about ten minutes before sitting on a rock and letting the downpour begin.

i have become entirely absorbed into this pseudo-neverland and it is jarring to realize i'm not staying here forever. i am anxious for the next step; for the family and friends i have neglected this year. and i will miss my ameri-friends dearly.

after my tear ducts dried out, i walked for another few hours, took a nap (i am convinced sleep is the best remedy for everything) and woke up to a happier thought:

i am a blessed woman to have so much love and beauty in my life. and if it takes a few tears to remind me, then add it to my blessings.


preethi said...

:) I love you! You're the best. Also, your ameri-friends are ameri-zing.

Maxine said...

I'd love to wrap my cyber-arms around you right now for the blog-hugging of a lifetime! We were talking (good things) about you and our brief moment in time together the other night. Yes, you are awesome. Yes, you do touch the lives of all those around you for the better. Yes, I still wear your striped toe socks. Love you!!

Maxine said...

I just realized: blog + hug = blug!

Sounds dirty, doesn't it?