Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the initiation of an ameriwhorps (uncensored)

i promised myself i'd get a good night's sleep before shipping out, but way too much to accomplish...and the compulsion to sing karaoke, shop at tokyo outlet wonderland, and eat curry all contributed to the 1.5 hrs of sleep i got last night.

fortunately, i did not sleep through my alarm and miss my flight. i did, however, slumber on the shuttle ride to the airport, at the gate before boarding time, on the plane ride from la to denver, and a portion of the flight to baltimore. this did not prevent me from running into my boss' boss at lax (which was unexpectedly comforting) and recognizing that at least 1/4 of the passengers on the denver flight were also ameriwhorps.

i digress. i'm here - safe and sound in perry point, md, which it would seem is a town exactly as large as the veteran's facility it houses. it is divided into "the village" - a series of old houses in a very tim burton-esque neighborhood - and a dorm/gymnasium complex. i'm sharing a house with 6 other women. between the creaky wood floors and the eavesdropping-friendly heat vents, i think i will get along just fine...the adjacent community is perryville.

there are 300 - not 150, as i anticipated - people here. so i've felt a bit overwhelmed today. that said, discussions of "borrowing" ranger carts for late-night racing and unsolicited professions of love for latin dancing have made me feel about as at home as one can feel away from home. aside from a surprising level of racial homogeneity, it seems like a very diverse group - age, education/professional experience, interests, hometown, religion/spirituality, etc. and i really dig that.

and yes, bonnie, i am happy to report that there was A LOT of cheering, chanting, and clapping at dinner.

oh. my housemates and i decided to explore the give-and-take library above the computer lab before turning in for the evening. our findings included:

- wed to a stranger (yes, the cover shows all the oily pecs and cleavage you might imagine)
- the mystic tarot book
- battlefield earth (by l. ron hubbard)
- discovering french
- a nancy drew & hardy boys super mystery
- the book of mormon
- unnatural exposure

an eclectic mix, no doubt.

well, i'm beat. but i want it on the record that - aside from wishing friends and family could be here with me - i could not be more pleased with day 1 of my new adventure!


Tiffany said...

I knew you would love the whorps.

Pam said...

So you are definitely almost exactly halfway between Philadelphia and DC, a much-frequented path for my dear car due to family visits and temple trips. Can't wait to see you!