Monday, August 27, 2007

i might have worn a wig to church today

and i might have loved it.

it started out as a joke, more or less. i was over at marja's and people were trying on the wig she recently donned in "a midsummer night's dream". it became evident that my hair color was strikingly similiar to the wig. midnight hour fancies were tossed about regarding wig-wearing to church. somehow the wig left marja's. in my hands.

at church, responses fell into 4 basic categories (in no particular order):

1. amused encouragment
2. horrified disapproval
3. dismissive pity
4. ignorant awe

most surprising of all was the pure, unadulterated pleasure i took in wearing this wig. it transcended any ridiculous fascination i have with social experiments. it surpassed my sincere love for practical jokes. it even overtook my idle interest in the religious philosophy of keeping your head covered as an expression of reverence.

plain and simply, wearing the wig to church fulfilled my life-long dream of having a head of thick hair flowing halfway down my back. i think wigs need to make a comeback. asap.


preethi said...

You look stunning. And that is more than slightly awesome.

Rachel said...

seriously, christy, you look gorgeous... the wig is definitely a winner!