Friday, September 07, 2007

turkish delight

to improve your weekend plans, a brief lesson in the turkish language*:

nasilsin /NAH-suhl-suhn/ - how are you doing?; traditional pick-up line with a twist
soeyle boeyle /SU-luh BU-luh/ - so-so; an appropriate response to "nasilsin"
guele guele /GOO-luh GOO-luh/ - goodbye; sometimes meaning hello**

how might this help you, you ask?

you're at the club and you see an attractive individual at the bar, but you don't know how to approach them. so you take a deep breath, strut on over, and ask, "nasilsin?" with attitude.

they eye you skeptically.
but you insist: "go with it - 'soeyle boeyle'".
"soeyle boeyle?" they inquire, looking for encouragement. you provide.

then, not wanting to come on too strong, you leave them with a flirtatious, "guele guele" before strutting back onto the dance floor. thus leaving them to wonder, what just happened? and how can i get more of that?

happy friday!

*this lesson is brought to you in part by the baby sis, rachel (pictured right). thanks for the tip, sis!
**"goele goele" means "goodbye" and has never been cited as a "hello" greeting in the turkish language. only to be used interchangeably in matters of banter and flirtation.

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Rachel said...

christy, you are amazing! i have not been feeling too into turkish as of late, but you inspire me! i will be sure to let you know of any additional valuable findings.