Thursday, June 07, 2007

all that junk inside your trunk?

first of all, i have been seeking opportunity to use lyrics from "my humps" in my blog ever since posted the alanis morissette video on his blog. onto more important discussions.

several months ago, i openly mocked a banana republic campaign called "pants that changed my life"...

the ki girls were minding their own when they noticed a flock of women gathered around a man's suv in the parking lot. now century city is not known for its drug deals so this peaked their interest.

their attention was further captured when women left the crowd with pairs of seven, true religion, and other designer jeans. "what's going on?" erin accused no one in particular.

a woman answered: "you gotta look. he's legit."

we joined the swarm, shouting out our sizes and collecting jeans for closer examination. "can we try 'em on?" erin, the spokeswoman, asked. without further ado, we walked as fast as heels allow back into the first floor showroom.

now there's only one restroom and erin did not hesitate to take it without asking. so cara, anna and sparkle stripped down to their undies and started trying on the goods in the kitchen nook. amidst "nope," "oo," "that's cute," and "not so much"-es, we collectively alarmed: "what if ron (our boss) comes in?". no sooner spoken, the fear was dismissed by more "lemme try those" and "should i get 'em?"-s.

so the story is i bought my first pair of designer jeans ever at a ridiculously good price from a "wholesaler" who was selling out of the trunk of his car.

when the jeans fit right, mine is not to question.

for the record: ron walked in approximately 3 minutes after said transactions were finalized. talk about timing...

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