Thursday, May 17, 2007

you say sparkle. i say sparkle (with a german accent)

tony tells the best stories. they are always unexpected and delightfully quirky. today was no exception. "i went to see a musical revue once, and i guess the guy picked the song out of a music library without listening to it," tony began. "anyway, he sang the entire song: 'you say tomAto. i say tomAto. you say potAto. i say potAto' with a straight face. it was incredible. the whole song." tony sighed and laughed. "that's for your quotebook, danger," he added.

swiss miss informed me today that in german "sparkle" means bbq'd pig. incredible. the nickname just gets better and better. jenny, jarom, compTron and i had some good visits tonight, but more on that later.

i went to the temple for the first time in nearly a month. it felt like i was coming up for air after an unexpectedly deep dive. for me, the temple is a spiritual haven where i am able to sort out thoughts relatively easily. it is a place of peace, meditation, and worship. tonight was no exception. i was able to ponder and pray about matters of war/peace and my cousin's health without interruption.

after i was finished at the temple, the aforementioned crew met up at jarom's place for a little "lost"-watching and german dance music. i love those three.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is day 16.

happy birthday FIZZ!

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