Wednesday, May 16, 2007

day 15: clippers v. pistons

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I just biked for 20 minutes in my neighborhood...using newly installed cleated cycling shoes and clippy pedals! To my utter amazement, I did so sans falls of any nature. Not even close calls. I hesitate to document that lest the universe think I am arrogant and need yet another skinned knee to put me in my place. For this successful ride I owe thanks to:

- compTron, dave, jarom, and cara who instilled appropriate fear in me
- REI lady who guided me toward multi-directional release cleats
- previous owner, who installed clippy pedals for dummies
- cleat instructions, which said "clip in shoes individually before riding"

prior to this momentous event, i watched the pistons lose in a disappointing game 5 against the bulls. this loss - and what a loss it was - was only bearable due to good company (jeff stephens and jon welch), delicious pizza, and a neck massage exchange.

other highlights included a voicemail from my new rockstar crush, a work discussion regarding "communist breasts" (future blog), and a gchat with toasty bons.

15 down. 9 to go.

1 comment:

CompTron said...

you should at least be able to find some solace in the red wings' resounding triumph o'er the ducks yestereve, eh?