Thursday, May 17, 2007

he asked me to help him set up a blog so i opened a Word document...

a photo summary of day 17 and why i loved it:

REI celebrated bike to work day with give-away bags and a raffle drawing for new commuter bike. rode to REI with compTron and inadvertently ditched factor. met up with him in santa monica for brief chats and parted ways to actually bike to work. chatted with some friendly bikers along the way. reasons i love biking? good for mind and body, eco-friendly, a social endeavor, develops new skill sets.

velia emailed links for a bunch of new family photos (including this cyclops pirate photo of miles). i adore my nieces and nephews. it is difficult for me to imagine loving any children more than i do the rising generation of cannons. going over the new pictures made me laugh, squeal, and perma-grin while at work.

met up with jon welch at hamlet's for game 6 of pistons v. bulls. to my excitement and relief, the pistons won. i'm really attached to this team - i had a difficult time watching ben wallace play for the bulls - and i am somewhat amused by the specific thoughts i have about each of the players (who i have never met). my favorite is rasheed wallace because he reminds me very much of nephew owen; that is, he seems very genuine and expressive in his responses to everything. it seems to take a lot more than most for him to reign in his feelings, and that sometimes gets him in trouble, but there's no doubt he's passionate about his game.

remember amy grant's "heart in motion" album? well, i do. and it is associated with all sorts of ridiculous memories and feelings. "good for me" and "every heartbeat" bring me back to roller skating days at bonaventure. i think of the cool temperature in my parents' family room on muggy summer days when i hear "baby baby" or "galileo", and i can almost feel the shag carpet between my toes as i dance around the room. tonight i remembered this album with a friend. i really like nostalgic moments.

Other highlights (undocumented by photos) include:
- thelma's salsa/spanish language lessons
- the duck dance with Cara and Jennifer
- visiting with Chelsea and team, and watching "the office"

note: i'd like to thank "the office" for providing inspiration for the day 17 blog title.

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