Wednesday, May 02, 2007

may day - the first of 24

may 1st marks the beginning of my never-attempted-before endeavor to celebrate my birthday through 24 days of consecutive fun. feel free to help me out.

every year the cannon girls have a tradition of putting fresh flowers under our pillows on may day so that we will dream of the men we will someday marry. unfortunately i forgot to put flowers under my pillow this year so i have no reliable way of determining whether i will marry the man i dreamt about last night. oy.

the day was not wasted, however, and mayhem surely ensued:

- compTron FINALLY returned to california
- toasty bons, compTron and sparklepants joined forces for laughs and more laughs
- tried out some new songs with happy hour karaoke (with excellent company)
- biked all over the westside
- picked up headshots for agent mailing

onto day 2.

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