Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i'm a logic-driven individual. but i relish those moments in life when i experience something i cannot explain through a mathematical proof or well-constructed essay. i had one such moment last week.

i made an acquaintance several months ago, and have frequently thought, "i should hang out with them more often". but the status of that friendship has been stagnant until the thought kept returning over the past two weeks, "i should really hang out with them".

so one day i blurted out awkwardly, "we should hang out this week. wednesday?" we made plans. they fell through. we made plans again - for friday. we met up and, as usual, i felt mildly uncomfortable. but as we got to talking i thought how much i genuinely enjoy people, humor, life stories, etc. i was responding to a fairly personal question they had asked me when i noticed my newfound friend was tearing up.

now i know i can be a moving speaker, i thought, but seriously this can't be over my story. in a moment i discovered that this friend was going through a trying experience strikingly similar to the one i was describing, and had felt some of the same doubts and loneliness i was articulating. "huh?" i wondered aloud, "i'm really glad we finally hung out." we briefly exchanged thoughts on the circumstance, relished in the feeling of kinship within this big city, and moved on to other subjects.

i don't know exactly how it works. i definitely can't write a proof for it. but moments like that blow me away.

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