Thursday, May 03, 2007

days 2/3

days 2/3 have been great for nostalgic music.

day 2 - in a thwarted effort to embarrass a friend, i stumbled on this live video of marvin gaye's "let's get it on":
(don't miss the magic between 1:20 and 1:30 - not everyone was feeling marvin's love)

day 3 resurrected will smith's "fresh prince of bel-air":
(this came up at work today and both cara and erin knew it line for line):

other highlights included a call from sniar and an abundance of taquitos on wednesday, and thelma's unsolicited fashion advice at lunch today.

ah thelma. thelma works at trimana during the mid-day shift. she has a thick spanish accent and takes careful note of the KI girls' lunch habits. for example, thelma notices if one of us does not get our usual salad mix, is out sick, or pays with cash instead of credit card. thelma does not hesitate to comment on our dining antics.

today i wore a sassy suit to work. i find it a somewhat humorous outfit because it has a classic cut, but is hot pink. yes. hot pink. well thelma liked my suit. but my accessories just didn't make the cut in her eyes.

"you cannot wear that hippie purse," she said as i approached the register. i smiled politely, and she repeated her advice. "this hippie purse. you cannot wear it with this. this - this is very nice, but the purse. it is for jeans."

i briefly examined my torn, woven purse from the 2005 cinco de mayo festival, and acknowledged thelma's point. but she was not convinced of my faith in her fashion advice. "i said, 'hippie,' not 'happy.' this purse. you must wear it with jeans. you need something nice for these nice clothes. ok. have a good day."

it's good to know someone cares how i look more than i do. onto a midnight showing of spiderman 3. a wiser woman now, i'll change into jeans before leaving the house with my hippie purse.

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