Monday, May 07, 2007

get your kicks with day 6

day 6 highlights:

- a gorgeous day complete with sunshine/warm weather
- acquiring road bike from cara
- singing with dave (a.k.a. voice of the gods)
- confirming karaoke plans for wednesday's event
- doughnut party at tim's / hanging out with swiss miss
- leaving harrassing messages for compTron in german

it's possible the last highlight happened when swiss jenny started singing "guten nacht," which devolved into me singing, "guten nacht. alles schlaft. laufen sie en die kirche. schreiben sie mit dein schrift. macht die nacht. nacht die macht..." and other nonsense.

6 down. 18 to go.


CompTron said...

nacht die macht? i don't even know what that means.

johnny said...

i should add to the highlights: being rejected for testimony bearing because God knew i was going to incorporate that phrase.