Tuesday, May 08, 2007

it's hard for me to come off a great weekend without finding monday mundane. but i'm a stubborn soul so i refused to let the natural progression of days interfere with my recent 24 fun days goal.

at lunch i caught cara checking out her calves while waiting for me to purchase my food. when i interrogated, "were you checking out your calves just now?!?," she started laughing and darkened a shade or two. but in the end cara confessed that she had been examining and thinking of more shapely calves she had in days gone by...hmmm...

after work i sat on the planter in our courtyard and sliced strawberries while waiting for our dinner guests to arrive. and like Saturday it was one of those moments where i pause, reflect how grateful i am to be alive and where i am).

the rest of the night was good and productive, but hardly noteworthy.

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