Sunday, May 06, 2007

day 5 did not disappoint

i do not have sufficient vocabulary or wit to describe how i feel about day 5. it was beyond spectacular.

it was a beautiful morning and traffic was light so i indulged in a solo bike ride up the coast to malibu. on my return i detoured briefly to conquor the hills of sunset boulevard that had embarrassed me a few weeks before. to my delight a breakfast and elimination of a pre-biking beach run provided me the needed energy to face this challenge.

i arrived back at my apartment just in time to meet up with compTron for "sweat!," richard simmons' fitness class in beverly hills. katie - to whom i am deeply endebted - told me about richard's studio, slimmons, earlier in the week, but unexpected illness prevented her from coming. compTron and i were dressed for the occasion. she wore shiny black spandex and rainbow-colored leg warmers. i kept to the basics with red shorts, green tank top, and blue headband. we hit a little traffic on the way there, which only heightened our anticipation. richard did not disappoint. we aerobicized to dance remixes of whitney houston's "i will always love you," "happy day," "flashdance" and much much more. weight lifting and abs followed with a cooldown to "breakaway". and everybody sang. and richard used a record player. it's true. after the class, he kissed wendy and me and asked "how are my beautiful ballerinas? did you like the class?" did i ever! i truly wish i could transport my memory to you so there was no mistaking the magic of this event.

compTron and i were parched. and we needed a way to level out the high we were experiencing. so we shimmied through beverly hills to jamba juice. then pinkberry. then back to the car. of course taking pictures all along the way. (to be provided on compTron's blog, i am sure:

time constraints require i end this blog abruptly. however, i must say dave texted us during class to suggest a beach rendezvous, which invitation we - of course - accepted. the day had gotten unexpectedly windy so - were it not for the excellent company - the beach probably would have been miserable. instead, human sand chiseling, faceplanting in the ocean, and braving the wind to meet toasty bonz a few miles south all made for great memories.

the day could only have ended with dancing at beaches, a club in manhattan beach. katie, dave, morgan, sloane, mary, compTron, toasty bons and me attacked the dance floor from 11pm - 2am. the event was complete with shake your bon bon dancing to "shake your bon bon," the introduction of team:limbo, and a nearly 100-year-old dj.

i believe perfection cannot be reached in this lifetime. but some days come pretty close.

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