Saturday, May 05, 2007

full circle (day 4)

compTron and sparklepants sat in the car laughing uncontrollably. "i just can't take myself seriously," sparkle managed. compTron agreed.

a few hours earlier (en route to gwate's reception) sparklepants had monologued for nearly 20 minutes about a fashion book she had been reading. words like strappy heels, purging closets, whimsical style and fashion heros poured out of her mouth with momentum. a delightful wedding reception followed, filled with dancing, pointless flirtation & head tossing, and rice-throwing at the bride and groom. upon their return to the national treasure, sparkle parked her car near mazdaTron (compTron's trusty truck) and philosophised about war and peace.

"i just don't see how you can make peace through violence," sparklepants said.

"i don't think you can make peace through violence, but i do think you can alleviate tyranny with it," compTron countered.

they looked at each other and giggled. both were exhausted from lack of sleep and so took effort to reign in their laughter. thus day 4 ended with a classic compTron-sparklepants conversation.

other highlights included:

- midnight viewing of spiderman 3
- gwendolyn & nate's wedding luncheon and reception

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