Tuesday, May 15, 2007

obligatory day 14 post

it's not like today was bad. i just don't wanna talk about it, k?

compTron and i decided that we will be having a "blog off: best of the bad" (title negotiable) sometime this year. it will involve us competing against each other to create the worst blogs known to the world wide web. we haven't hammered out all the rules, but phrases such as "panel of judges," "blog series," "categories - narrative, philosophy, etc.," emerged from the late-afternoon gchat.

dave and i got a quick bite to eat at in-n-out before heading to the beach for a little monday night bonfire. i am happy to report that dave did not sustain any gunshot wounds while socializing at dockwiler beach. secretly i believe he was disappointed.

i was in the perfect mood for a bonfire. and i was reminded just how much i like people. especially hot guys (as guys generally are). they're just so fun to talk to because i feel all nervous on the inside and it makes a little game for me - trying not to let my smile, eyes, and body language betray me anymore than is necessary to engage an attractive individual in conversation and, thus, sustain the feeling of nervous anticipation.

and i had opportunity to say "f that" tonight. and, let's be honest, who doesn't secretly hope for a chance to say "f that" every now and again? oh, you don't, huh?

well, f that. i'm going to sleep.

p.s. today's blog is dedicated to the individuals whose pictures showed up on my t-mobile album shortly after i lost my phone at amoeba music last winter. featured right. i rediscovered this photo today.

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