Friday, May 25, 2007

closing time

well folks. today was the 24th. final day of fun. forever.
commencing 6 months of complete boredom immediately.

as mentioned earlier this week, anna the intern is back on board at ki this summer. she is full of brilliant moments. for example, today anna explained:

"so many of my friends are like, 'mormons. gold plates? weird!', but i feel like saying, 'hello: virgin birth? burning bush?'"

and the fact that she made me 5 cds (2 mixes, 3 burned albums) today. just because i asked her to. ask and ye shall receive. that's what they say.

introduced to me today: eagle v. shark trailer on youtube. please do yourself a favor and check it out. as described by factor: "a kiwi napolean dynamite".

around 6 pm, tj discovered her birthday bonfire plans had been busted due to sewage spills at dockweiler. so we quickly set about cleaning the apartment, building a fire out of real logs and paper flames, and illustrating a contaminated ocean on our window sill. people showed up. hot dogs were ingested. sodas labeled "feces" and "radioactive material" were drunken. and so birthday mayhem ensued.

realizing i had committed a typical sparklepants scheduling faux pas, i met up with todd the hottie (who is great) and dave the great (who is also hot) for swiss miss' party. as expected her place was filled with international beauties, she was filming the entire event, and everyone was generally enjoying themselves. activities included a chest thrusting contest with the baron, astrology readings by todd p., and a brief game of human jumprope.

as many good parties have, this went the way of instant security shutdown. attempts to view turtle races at brennen's, meet up with jrum and co., and rendezvous with didn't fully all. so i said my final goodbyes to swiss miss and left. but not before seeing jenny do a leaping air guitar while exclaiming (about recently departed company): "why is he so hot? i think it is too much for this world!" we are definately two peas in a worldwide pod.

well. the fun is done. sigh. off to guatemala for the weekend...

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