Thursday, May 24, 2007

if by candy you mean "ancient forbidden evil"

day 23 was looking pretty sorry. no lie. until...

katie and i met up with factor in santa monica for dinner. we took a detour to REI for bike lights (to support the "0 days and counting" project), then dined at the border grill. minty lime drink and mushroom mulitas, combined with KCRW discount, brightened my day quite a bit.

back at dave's office, we checked out (and rated) some new music while eating cherries from the farmers market. but then we remembered an interesting dvd picked up at amoeba earlier this week.

on monday "the amazing screw-on head" caught dave's eye, and the combination of abraham lincoln and a robot assistant sold me on the video. tonight we decided to rendezvous with jarom at katie's place to see just how magical the carton was.

magical does not begin to describe the quirky cartoon. a zombie named patience. ancient women and their crowned monkey for villains. a screw-on head robot protagonist and abraham lincoln. what's there not to love? the writing was fantastic. if i was less fatigued i would probably monologue about this for awhile. luckily...

i met up with dave, katie and jarom, who saved the day, 23.

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