Wednesday, May 30, 2007

las aventuras de isabel y cristiana

my sister, liz, and i ventured to guatemala for the long weekend. "guatemala for a weekend?" was a question posed by everyone (including skeptical customs officers). truth is: it was a REALLY quick trip, but thrilling, invigorating, and educational. over the next several days, i will be anecdoting and posting pictures from the trip.

to understand my traveling companion, you must know that she is 3 years older than me, married, and has an uncontrollable giggling problem. liz is very ambitious and inquisitive. she speaks fluent italian (by most people's standards) and has recently taken up spanish. the following exchange sums it all up:

(Walking in silence.)
C: What're you thinking about?
L: Grammar.
C: Really? That's all?
L: No.
C: What else?
L: Mayans.
(Pause. Both break into giggles.)
C: Awesome!
L: Yeah...

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LizzyLou said...

man, i super-amo-ed that trip.