Monday, April 16, 2007

what is a fontanelle?

i'm confident that i'm a smart gal. maybe too confident. this weekend, while playing cards with my sisters, i made a shocking discovery. after recounting a family tale about soft spots, sister liz countered with a quote from a favorite flick:

"mind his little fontanelle," she managed between giggles. i laughed because i love that line, but thought it an odd choice. then again, she is my sister.

after a minute or two, it clicked. "is a fontanelle a...a..." I began.

at this point liz's laughing problem was in full force. "a...soft spot?" liz assisted. i laughed even harder. "it's a soft spot," she repeated, a little defensively. "didn't you know that?"

red in the face, i shook my head. "i-i-i...just was..." i couldn't finish for lack of breath. liz looked puzzled, then burst out laughing. tj and baby rach were not shy in their mockery either.

"you thought...?"
"i just assumed..."
"it was..."
"well, what else is little on a baby boy?!?"

that you might not face the same gaffawing i did...

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MyCrowsa said...

very very very funny
hey for a while i thought the handicapped spaces were reserved for people who really need to use the bathroom... i mean i didn't think (in that handicapped sign) the figure was sitting on a wheelchair