Monday, April 16, 2007

blood is thicker than water

on friday i jumped into the role of "lucifer/ira" in ethos theatre company's production of "seven deadly sins". i found it both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. i love live theatre and movement-based performance.

saturday morning brought a packed sand run from the palisades stairs to the santa monica pier and back (the return was more of a run-walk). this was a big fear-facer for me because i find running both painful and demoralizing most of the time. however, roomieT made a great running partner and, in the end, i felt revitalized.

i returned to the apartment 1/2 hour late to meet up with dave for a bike ride. i had no idea what i was getting myself into. 20-some miles later my competitive spirit was temporarily crushed. but i wouldn't have had it any other way. great company. great landscape. great to be alive.

my three rockstar sisters showed up around 2:30pm, having inadvertantly toured los angeles county on their drive from st. george, ut. we settled in, had a carnivorous dinner, and headed to the theatre for "macbeth". i felt particularly complimented by the fact that all three sisters were mildly disturbed watching me pretend to be a mischievious - if not sinister - witch. renee, tishe, and toasty bons also came to the show adding to my already-budding feeling of stardom.

giggles and incoherent stories between toothbrushing and sleep momentarily transported me to adolescent days in michigan when all "the girls" still lived at home. sunday morning only furthered the fun by a ridiculously long card game complete with table talk, treats, and liz's laughing problem. the rockstars packed up and left around 2pm, leaving me just enough time to show up late for church.

then there were the virginia tech shootings this morning. deadliest campus shooting in this country since 1966. i don't get it. it is not that i don't think about it, or don't care. anything but. i just don't get it yet.

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