Tuesday, March 30, 2010

grocery shopping

my love for the d can be summarized in three words: calder's horchata icecream.

see, it's like this: there are no grocery store chains in detroit unless you consider family dollar or save-a-lot a grocery. which makes food acquisition interesting; or decidedly suburban. i generally opt for the former.

if i'm feeling fancy, i shop at eastern market for produce and specialty items like cheese and nuts. otherwise, i stay fresh with kim's produce and go to either food pride or university foods to get dry and canned goods. then sometimes the smell - or simply the memory - of fresh tortillas and salsa lures me into honey bee market for a one-stop shop plus surprises like coconut soda and giant strawberry-flavored marshmellows.

which brings me back to calder's horchata icecream. my partner in crime and roommate, leslie, recently informed me that my favorite local dairy sells their icecream at honey bee market. it's not cheap, but as i am a witness, the sweet sensation of farm-fresh icecream in the freezer section of a city grocery lingers.

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Charly Davis said...


You are a fantabulous writer! I love your imaginative descriptions and word choices. please do more!

Charly Davis