Tuesday, February 09, 2010

love and (il)logic

sometimes my life feels like a love affair; unpredictable and cliche all at once. i don't quite get how it started or where it's going. i'm not sure i'll even want to know in five, ten years. but for now? i wouldn't have it any other way.

after spending 1.5 hours of court-ordered time with 7 teenage delinquents, i had an insatiable desire to watch boyz n the hood. so i sat down with my roommate and some fresh sushi to try to make sense of male violence in the comfort of our living room. which made me late for my pbs date with mom and dad. wrapped in my red blankie, i trotted upstairs to contemplate urban transportation design for 60 minutes. at which point my thinker was completely saturated.

so here i am. blogging in bed to the sounds of vampire weekend. sigh...c'est l'amour.


Elizabeth Downie said...

Sounds like a nice/interesting evening. I like the image of you going up to your parent's place in your blankie! ha! Sounds very cozy.

Charly Davis said...


Again I gotta say, you are a fantabulous writer! I love your imaginative descriptions and word choices. please do more!

Charly Davis