Monday, January 11, 2010

making old things new

sometimes i get these nutty ideas in my head that i just can't shake. like when i dreamed i was at junior year homecoming wearing a traditional cheongsam and wouldn't shut up about it until mom took me to joann fabrics to pick out a pattern and fabric for the dress. those ones.

when i moved into my apartment a few weeks ago, the mental steamrollers went to work in high gear and pretty soon i was set on an antique bedframe. old building, old frame - makes sense, right? 6 days of bedroom floor camping and 2 visits to eastern market antiques later, i am the proud owner of a 1920s painted metal frame with flowery detail in the center of the head/foot boards. dusty and rusty and 3/4 wheeled; everything i'd hoped for.

tonight i set about the business of restoring it. step one: pull off remaining 3 wheels and cast aside for (possible) future use. step two: scrub it down with soapy water and a wet rag, then use a dry rag to, well, dry it. scrub, dry. scrub, dry. scrub, dry. easy enough and it looks great.

i almost can't wait for spring cleaning when i get to do steps 3 and 4...

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