Friday, June 19, 2009

putting up a front

trivia: what do these two stores have in common?answer: they are bothmarks of the recession? not so, my friends. these were never actually inhabited by the businesses advertised in their storefronts. the city commissioned installation art for vacant storefronts near downtown to prepare for the 2006 superbowl. or so says my unverified source. kinda innovative. kinda weird.

today i set out to photograph more legitimate favorites and recent finds in the mid- and downtown districts:more like a neighborhood institution than a bicycle shop. i love it. i do.tipping its hat in food and flavor to detroit's southern sister city.a great place to drop in for a quick bite or to spend an entire evening.good thai food at a great price. perfect for large groups.understated, artsy, and organic, i could really dig this newfound nook.

a story: the owner, danny, noted it was my first visit, introduced himself and inquired about my interest in detroit. he negotiated a fair price for my breakfast and invited me to relax outside while he prepared it.i examined posters for poetry slam nights and theatrical productions hosted at the cafe, observing the discount offered on tickets for "students and unemployed." before leaving, danny thanked me for my business and invited me to come back at my leisure. that sort of experience is how detroit is subtly wooing me into a serious urban love affair.

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