Thursday, January 08, 2009

rhythm and motion

katie knickerbocker asked about my 2009 theme and colors as we rode the train to south chicago. i blinked twice. gahhlly! my eyes are dry, i thought. judging by her unblinking gaze, i assumed she wanted a real answer. "well. i don't really have one. yet," i responded.

it's not that i haven't thought about 2009 themes. lately, it seems like i'm good at working hard or having fun, but not both. so i wasn't sure how to approach this year. we talked it over - my thoughts, her thoughts, my thoughts, get the idea. and agreed to have answers for each other by the time we split this week. we got off the train to have eggplant parmesan with kathy bush, see a sam sinclair trio/chi town kids concert at the beverly arts center, and engage in an intense tapper competition.

somewhere in the mix of things, i decided on rhythm and motion. charcoal gray and fuchsia. percussion and dance. balance and momentum. consistency and risk-taking.

that's what i'm looking for in 2009. here goes.

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