Sunday, December 07, 2008

when grammy, mom, and i get together

i listen to grammy n. and mom reminisce about great grammy h. and how she loved to laugh. grammy describes how she loved going on train rides with her mother.
grammy pulls out photos i've never seen from a time before i was born. i admire grammy's fashion sense and observe how much my siblings haven't changed.
i think about grammy's description of toddler mom running up and down the aisle of a red-eye flight from palo alto to new york. it reminds me that we're not so different as i sometimes think. i notice that we all resemble her - me, rachel marie, even itsy bitsy beanie baby niece emma.
i show grammy and mom a recent picture of emma baby to prove my point. so what if they don't look that similiar? anyway, they have the same button nose.
i read mom's wedding announcement. grammy talks about great uncle paul's cross-country flight in an open-air plane: "i thought flying would be his death for sure. who knew it would be cancer instead?" i realize we three have lived very different lives.
and i feel fortunate to be part of this three-generation meeting about five generations of women in my family.

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