Sunday, November 30, 2008

that crazy aunt

everyone has one. or two. as a kid, you find her social quirks entertaining. you embrace her eccentricity with adoration. one day, you realize she is not a normal, well-behaved adult. at first it makes you very uncomfortable. over time, you accept the normalcy of an abnormal aunt and move on with your life.

this weekend i realized: i might be that crazy aunt.

EXHIBIT A: i tried to talk to mikaela (12) and andrew (10) before i was fully coherent. thrice, upon waking up in the bunkbed room. twice, after falling asleep to harry potter ii.

EXHIBIT B: i arrived at breakfast on saturday morning in a sparkly red-white-and-blue velour unitard and began posing for "christmas photos". (let the record show that children were equally horrified when their dad - my brother - began directing said photo shoot).

EXHIBIT C: i kept my "red blankie" (which is, in fact, not very red at all) near my side the entire weekend.

EXHIBIT D: i was the only relative who started crying uncontrollably during the "i'm thankful" activity.

EXHIBIT E: i was the inappropriate relative who initiated laughter when camryn (5) converted her "i'm thankful" list to prayer format without blinking an eye.


preethi said...

Dan's brother and sister-in-law are pregnant. It is now my goal in life to be the eccentric aunt. Finally, an excuse to don (faux) furry overclothing!

Maxine said...

I probably could have told you that when we were living together. But hey, it's good to be that "crazy" aunt - which you are - rather than that crazy aunt - which I have (really, schizophrenia). That's just awkward.

That Girl in Brazil said...

You are the definition of awesome.