Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i witnessed the 2008 national jousting championships in aldie, va, and my life was forever changed

i share with you the jousting call. ahem:

"welcome lords and ladies all!
heed our mock medieval call.
return with us to days of old,
when it was said, the knights were bold.

enjoy with us the modern trend, where rings are
speared instead of friends
. witness too the charm
and grace as well as friendship in this place.

welcome lords and ladies all.

come joust with us and have a ball!"

photographic evidence to follow.


CompTron said...

epic envy in my breast,
you may be sure i do not jest.
oh cap'n sparkle, maiden fair
i wish that i could have been there.

johnny said...

ne'er lovelier words were writ.