Wednesday, April 09, 2008

where will i be on my 25th birthday?

location - new orleans, la
project sponsor - alliance for affordable energy
project description - weathering, installing radiant insulation, and replacing standard with energy efficient light bulbs in new orleans homes.
housing - first grace united methodist church
leaving perry point - april 26th

alternately, i might apply for a round 2 composite team that would be building an elaborate treehouse for camp DREAM and planting trees/making trails for a state conservation agency in vermont. this would be a very different experience from the project above...camping for 8 weeks with no running water.

either way my mailing address will not change.


CompTron said...

louisiana, ho! awesome. please note that if you do wind up in vermont, kat and i may drive madly through you campsite over memorial day weekend.

post script: less cow for you means more cow for me. good luck with those leafy greens, and don't forget the lessons you learned from prolonged consumption of beans and rice...

Tiffany said...

Stay in New Orleans. I think I will be there from May 11-16!!! YAHOO