Wednesday, April 23, 2008

all kinds of pants

bearded lance, of wolf-5, really took to the term "sparklepants" and has expanded my hypothetical wardrobe to include "seriouspants" for when i'm ready to get down to business and "fancypants" for...well, i haven't quite figured out a pattern for when these come out.

here's the deal. i have had all sorts of intentions of writing something witty to sum up recent happenings, but then i get busy and 1 thing leads to i'm just going to spill it in raw form:

the 3rd graders at havre de grace elem wrote us letters as a going away present. alexa's letter read: "dear americorps friends, i love you very much, even you christiane." didn't know that was up for debate...

after much thought, i chose not to apply for the camp DREAM composite team in vermont so i will be leaving for new orleans on saturday. a few updates:

- we will not be living in a church as previously reported. instead our team will be living in a 3-bed, 1-bath house in the garden district.

- i got an interview for the summer of service program.

- i bought a vegan vitamin supplement including b-12, iron, and folic acid to ease anyone's troubled mind about me staying healthy as a vegetarian.

- i might - and i actually mean it this time - be speaking at nccc graduation in november if you'd like to be there. i'll keep you posted.

i visited preethi and dan in philly two weekends ago. i have a growing suspicion that they are the greatest duo known to mankind. and i think i'm falling in love with philadelphia...

shout-outs to velia, grammy n., and the bakers for their special days this week!

gotta run. much much much much love!


Tiffany said...

I'm glad the nickname has caught on! miss you.

preethi said...

YAY for falling in love with Philly!! I have to admit, Dan & I accidentally noticed on your church notes how you wrote that you love Philadelphia. I promise we weren't trying to spy. But it was in all caps. :)

And I'm pretty sure Mulder + Scully or Jim + Pam or Jack Bauer + anyone make up the greatest duos known to mankind.

And we'd LOVE to try to be there in November at the graduation.

LizzyLou said...

hope the move went well! congrats on the jazzfest. oh, how i would love to be at your graduation speech. i know little baby baker sailor would too, but. . . well, we'll see.