Wednesday, April 30, 2008

safe 'n' sound

i got to new orleans yesterday. the city is beautiful. forest and andi (our sponsors) are beautiful. joceyln and her son, glen, are beautiful landlords. our housing in the broadmoor neighboorhood is beautiful. the weather. beautiful. jazzfest, no doubt, will be beautiful.

in other news, i am exhausted and going to sleep.

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Ti-Tiane! I'm so glad you were born. It was a beautiful day. Jenny Cook had come over to make dinner. It was a taco salad--quite good. So good in fact, that Mom insisted on finishing dinner before going to the hospital. Jenny ended up babysitting. None of us touched the cake until Mom came back. You were an intensely adorable child--not surprising when you consider the kind of grown up that you are now.

Love you,