Friday, April 25, 2008

a PSA about the PSA

what would you think if i told you a "public service academy" - akin to the military academies (e.g. west point) - could open its doors to students as early as 2011?

select applicants would receive free college education, specializing in leadership development, in exchange for five years of public service in education, health care, and emergency management (to name a few).

i'll tell you what i thought:

1) it's exactly what our country needs - an opportunity for affordable college education and national service that does not require someone to take up arms.

2) don't tease.

so i was very surprised when i heard chris myers asch, co-founder of this project, explain that such a bill has been written and won bi-partisan support from senators and representatives in 32 states (see right). i don't dip into politics often, but i feel very strongly about the benefits this could provide to our nation, and for the rising generation.

the 2008 presidential election offers a key time to move this bill from congress to construction. please learn more about the public service academy from their website. if you feel as i do, please contact your senator or representative and let them know. blog about it. do an interpretive dance.

make your feelings known.

here are a few details that peaked my interest:

1) graduation requirements include learning a foreign language and study abroad program

2) service is divided into two segments: a 2-year mandatory placement in field of choice; and a 3-year segment continuing in same position, applying for a transfer, or deferring for graduate education

3) curriculum would allow for performing arts/theater opportunities

end PSA for the PSA.


LizzyLou said...

wow, that actually sounds very cool and very well needed. as the wife of someone who got paid to go through school by said gov't, i'm a fan of this sort of service being rewarded.

LizzyLou said...

ps - i feel an interpretive dance coming on. . .

Chris Myers Asch said...

Thanks so much for the great post, Johnny! I hadn't thought about an interpretive dance, but I'll do anything to get this bill passed. (On second thought, my dancing might scare folks away...)

Let me know if you or your adoring blog readers would like me to send any more information.


a.k.a. Suga Jones said...

I would have definitely participated in something like this if I had the chance. Finally, an innovative solution to educational needs and service training in our country.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the heads up. You know I will.

Just out of curiousity, do you know if they need teachers to help bridge the gap between high school and college? Not all high school diplomas are equal--at least not in Detroit--and sometimes the people who need a free college education the most haven't had the best preparation academically.