Sunday, March 23, 2008

recipe for a grand adventure

3 wolf-fivers (jess, lance, christiane)
1 part havre de grace, md
2 days susquehanna state park
2 visits biller's bikes with a bit of walt
3 mountain bikes
18 miles biking on trails
9 miles hiking on trails
2 trips nonnie's
1 glorious moon rise
1 plastic tiara
a pinch of water play and log crossing
a handful of vines
a bit of mischief

drive to havre de grace, md, to meet walt of biller's bikes. discover that he is everything a hippie should be who just opened the best - if not only - bike rental shop near perry point, md. rent mountain bikes + accessories for two days. strap the goods to vehicle and drive to the park. make cc's first trail biking attempt with jess and lance for company. take several breaks for water play, exploring, and log crossing. lance and cc fall in river. bike more. go to nonnie's in wet/dirty clothes for pizza, eggplant delicious parmesan, and cheesy garlic bread. camp covertly (not allowed in park until memorial day). watch moon rise over susquehanna river. hike and vine climb all morning. cc falls to ground when vine breaks while repelling up tree. bike all afternoon. upon returning bikes, get tour of historic building in which walt and mara of biller's bikes live/work. eat at nonnie's again in same (even dirtier) bike clothes. camp again. find plastic tiara sitting on bridge railing as exit park to return home.

simmer in memories of one grand adventure. omg.

happy easter all!


Sarah said...

omg. Seriously, that sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I could have seen the moon rise. I'll pass on all the biking, though.

Love to you!

ps. I'm glad to hear that you are not with child.

pps. I don't have any basis for comparison either, but what you are going through certainly sounds like a mission. Particularly
1. Intense magnification of everything feeling-related.
2. Having concerns about working with people who have concerns about working with you.
3. Loving and enjoying people
4. Feeling frustration that borders on anger when you can't make someone else's challenges disappear
5. Having to think twice before acting spontaneously
6. Asking yourself if your personality is a strength or a weakness (and coming up with a nice, inconclusive "Yes.")
7. Getting to work closely with some of the world's coolest people ever
8. Recognizing that you can't do what you have to do without enlisting the aid of others.

Love to you!

preethi said...

hahaha. love you.