Thursday, March 27, 2008

mid-week promotions and other nonsense

station north arts cafe gallery - a literal name, no doubt. this sunny and intimate cafe on n. charles street is decorated by the work of local artists. all items are available for purchase.
everyman theatre - this 170-seat equity house is company-run and holds open auditions. will i see their current production? possibly. have i thought about it several times since monday? certainly.
red emma's bookstore coffeehouse - i'm not sure i would ever choose to financially support this shop. however, i had a great time browsing the anarchy section and did - at an employee's suggestion - steal a pamphlet on "how to quit smoking" for my teammate.
augusto boal - while red emma's was a bit extreme for me, their extensive theater collection on brecht, beckett, and boal reminded me how much more i want to know about the latter.
wombwork productions, inc. - invites 14-25 year olds to brainstorm, write, design, and perform in shows for local community centers and schools. i am hoping to do an independent service project with them before i leave maryland.
ray lamontagne
- have you heard this guy sing? if not, be prepared for a softly soulful aural treat.

enough with promotions and on to nonsense. i am proud of the following firsts:

- i wrote a grant proposal
- i cut down a tree with a hand saw (testosterone poisoning?...)
- i wore waders

how did these events come to pass, you ask? wolf 5 is helping havre de grace elementary make their plans for an outdoor classroom come to fruition. this entails writing grants, clearing a stream of plant debris and trash, planting wildflower gardens and making trails. so far we have completed steps 1 and 2.

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Elizabeth said...

Made a Pandora station for Ray LaMontagne. Likin' it.