Monday, November 12, 2007

last week put the sparkle in my pa-a-anyway

to name a few reasons why:

last monday night, bonzi, renee, and i packed our blankies in my car and headed to the theater to see wristcutters. i loved it. so twisted, enthralling, and sweet. and i loved shannyn sossamon's hair, which led (in part) to activities later in the week(to be discussed later).

on tuesday, i had two firsts:

1) first time at the troubadour in west hollywood; and
2) first time seeing architecture in helsinki in concert.

to be honest, i had only heard of architecture in helsinki a few hours prior to the concert (thanks dave!), but they were great and i'd like to know more of them in the future. plus, i loved the troubadour. due to the shallow-but-wide setup, dave and i were able to dance it up just a few feet from the stage. and glass candy, who opened for them, was fantastic!

wednesday eve took me to downtown with tj, dax, katie, and kriszta to see the history boys. i dig live theater. and i haven't seen any in awhile. so it was the best ever. plus, pretty much anything i do with the aforementioned individuals tends to be spectacular.

on thursday, i fought nightmare traffic to catch up with some of my former coworkers in pasadena. 1.5 hours in traffic = not good. rest of events = lovely. we met at the melting pot for some fondulicious food. i have a picture to prove it: cara, steve, erin, me, and juanita laughed until our abs hurt.

shannyn sossamon's ridiculously awesome hair in wristcutters (see monday above) reminded me that i was due for a change. so, on friday, i got my hair cut. it made me very happy. for me, changing up hairstyles is like a game. and it gives me an inexplicable sense of stealth. on friday, i also received an acceptance letter from americorps, which means i can stop holding my breath about the rest of the year, and start preparing for my move to maryland at the end of january 2008.

other things happened. most of them were just as great, and involved people i think are great. i just get so tired of writing sometimes. so there you have it.

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preethi said...

You are moving to Maryland! This means that you will be close to me again and maybe we can play. Let me know if you need any help with anything!