Thursday, August 23, 2007

because it's time for lunch...part II (a.k.a. why i love my baby sis)

yesterday, i might have emailed my li'l sis, rach, about the popcorn book (whose title i could not remember) in hopes that she would enlighten me. the exchange went as follows:

ME: "do you remember a children's book (kindergarten or 1st grade reading level) about a kid whose parents go out of town and he pops too much popcorn in the pot and it fills up the whole house? i think the protagonist was a bear. and the illustrations made the inside of the popped kernals look really really black."

RACHEL: "dude. that's gonna really bug me. i know what book you're talking about, and i have a feeling it's called something dumb like 'too much popcorn.' it was a good book too... i remember their method for making popcorn really intrigued me..."


preethi said...

Hi friend! Long time no talk. :) I stumbled on your blog some time ago via Comptron's, and have proceeded in being entertained since. In noting your dilemma, I went on a quest: is the book "Popcorn: A Frank Asch Bear Story"? Here's one reviewer's description:

"This is a cute story about a young bear named Sam who is left alone in the house on Halloween when his parents go out to a party.

Sam decides to throw a party of his own, and he dresses up in a costume and invites all of his bear friends over. Each friend has individually come up with the idea to bring a package of popcorn, and after having some fun at the party, someone gets the idea to pop all of the popcorn together in a big black kettle.

The popcorn soon fills the house, and the young bears spend the rest of the night eating popcorn in order to fix the problem. After Sam cleans up, his parents return home with a gift for him-popcorn."

johnny said...

Preethi! Master Sleuth of Children's Literature! That's the book - thank you thank you thank you!

And now it's time for me to check out your blog ;0)

Rachel said...

sweet - i made it to your blog! thanks for makin me a part of this! good to see that book again.