Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i spy with my little eye

i was sitting at my desk in our first floor showroom when i caught a glimpse of a man passing by my window. naturally, i looked.

we exchanged glances, and i returned to my work with only one fleeting thought:

he looks familiar...probably from school

only later, after anna identified him, did i realize:

he looks familiar...because he's turk from "scrubs"

and then:

he looks familiar because he's murray from "clueless"

anna interrupted my "he looks familiar" game and imdb search to announce that she could see turk from my window. i ducked my head down instinctively, raised my camera phone, and snapped the following photograph:

i am officially scratching "become a successful paparazzi" from my to-do list.


CompTron said...

I refer you to my Chicago airport casual conversations with one Tony Almeda from 24, after which covert cell AND camera photography attempts were both awkward and very unproductive. turns out i too have no paparazzi future.

Dubious Brown said...

turk rules!