Friday, July 27, 2007

deep thoughts, a vignette

characters -

compTron - a.k.a. wc, 'tron, and comp; a brilliant individual
sniar - zero-drama, grad-student-to-be; erin by birth
'pants - the ever-awkward, philosophizing cap'n from d-town

scene -

a park bench in the fox hills, surrounded by some well-maintained lawn. a few blocks from the treehouse. approximately midnight. compTron has been battling pneumonia all week. sniar is worn from teaching a test prep lesson. having given blood earlier in the evening, 'pants is feeling a bit woozy. remnants of a del taco meal dress the scene. ongoing dialogue of the week has centered on the question: when forced to pick an extreme, which is more desirable - book smarts or people smarts?

story -

'pants: ok. so maybe the question is actually: which are better - creators of ideas, or just really good facilitators?
sniar: yeah, but if everyone was a facilitator of ideas, and there were no creators, what good would that do?
compTron: no. guys. people interactions - it's definately better to be really people saavy because - well... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

aftermath -

the conversation devolved into sporatic laughter mingled with silence and 1000 yard stares. discussions moved to explosive diarrhea, gaseous outbursts, and other undesirable bodily functions. the question was further debated in spurts until the wee hours of the morning.


CompTron said...

well, seriously!

Erin said...

so i want to try out my poo stories on you.

daveghax said...

best not to do anything 'in spurts' when explosive diarrhea has been mentioned.